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Indonesia promotes more tolerant brand of Islam

Burma PresidentPUBLISHED MAY 3, 2017
JAKARTA • The imposing, 1.8m-tall painting is a potent symbol of modern Indonesian history: the country's founding father, Sukarno, cradling a dead, barefoot rebel killed by Dutch colonial forces amid rice fields and smouldering volcanoes in late-1940s Java. The fighter's bloodied shirt draws immediate attention - but so does a necklace dangling from the body: A Christian cross, worn by the independence martyr for the world's most populous Muslim- majority nation. The 2006 painting has become the symbol of a global initiative by the Indonesian youth wing of Nahdlatul Ulama, the largest mass Islamic organisation in the world, that seeks to reinterpret Islamic law dating from the Middle Ages in ways that conform to 21st-century norms.

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