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Geller, Ritzheimer Lead Provocative Islam-Bashing Events

thGT9YHNW4October 27, 2015
When it comes to spreading prejudice and Islamophobia across the land, Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, is the heavyweight champion. hammad. Two Muslim men from Arizona took the bait. They opened fire outside the May 3 event, injuring one security guard in the ankle, but were killed by quick-thinking police before anyone else was hurt. Then, a few weeks later, Geller tried to plaster city buses and subway trains in Washington, D.C., with ads featuring the winning drawing. The city said no and ended up banning, at least temporarily, all “issue-oriented” advertisements from Metro stations and buses. Even Juan Williams, a black Fox News contributor, told Geller during a joint appearance on the Fox show “Hannity” in late May that the ads were a bad idea. Williams told Geller, according to The Washington Post, that she seemed to be “trying to provoke” unnecessary controversies that could offend and demean Muslims. Geller, champion of Islamophobia that she is, fired back, accusing Williams of being a “fierce” bully, who wants to “enforce the shariah.”
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