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NY Man Follows Four Muslim Men Yelling, ‘I Want To See Arab Blood In The Streets’

Scream-WikiBy Anomaly on December 27, 2015
Police arrested James Samways, 40, early Sunday in Brooklyn’s Marine Park neighborhood. NBC New York reports. Samways yelled obscenities and started trailing the men as they walked Saturday night, police said. With what appeared to be a silver handgun, Samways approached the men, police said, and yelled: “I want to see Arab blood in the streets. I am an Israeli. Go back to Mecca.” The men the called 911. Officers from the 63rd precinct responded to the scene and started canvassing the area with the four men to search for the suspect. The suspect was spotted and the four men identified him as the man who had been taunting them with anti-Muslim slurs. The Hate Crimes Task Force then responded to the precinct and interviewed the four men and the suspect, then charged Samways with menacing as hate crime. Police said that at least three of the four men are of Asian-Pacific descent. A weapon was not recovered. Samways was taken into custody. Anti-Muslim attacks are occurring in record numbers. Mosques are being targeted and some places of worship have had to hire security guards.
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