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Beaten For Speaking Arabic on Philadelphia Street

10414594 10153797896033209 7985125261906340012 n-800x430By Dorado on January 22, 2016in Loon People, Loon Violence
A Muslim immigrant said that he was beaten for speaking his native tongue while walking down a street in Philadelphia. Amine Aouam, 34, told Metro that he was walking home after getting a drink with a friend on Saturday night when he encountered “a group of five or six white people.” He recalled that one of the women in the group seemed to be staring at them while they spoke a Moroccan dialect of Arabic. “I said to her in Arabic, ‘Good evening,’ which is ‘Masaa al-Khair,’” he explained. “She said ‘What?’ and I said, ‘I just said ‘Good evening.’ Then I walked. And the guy next to her was like ‘Stop this sh*t!’” Youssef Amarouch, who was walking with Aouam, had a clearer recollection. “Take that sh*t you said and shove it up in your ass,” Amarouch remembered the man saying. Amarouch said that while Aouam was speaking to one of the men, another man “sucker-punched him from behind,” according to Metro.
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