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Medford officer apologizes for shared post inciting violence against Muslims

Police conduct internal investigation
Mar 17, 2016
MEDFORD, Mass. —The police officer who shared a controversial photo that incites violence against Muslims on his Facebook is apologizing for his actions. Officer Jason Montalbano saw the post on another site and said he took it to target ISIS, but below the mushroom cloud, it reads ‘It’s time we made peace with Islam.’ “My intention to posting it was to support aggressive action against the ISIS terrorist threat,” said Montalbano. “In retrospect, I understand the reference to Islam was overboard and offensive to Muslims and non-Muslims.” The 18-year-veteran of the department is off duty as police conduct an internal investigation. “I sincerely apologize not for my intended message, but for my carelessness and inappropriate way the message was transmitted,” said Montalbano. Police are looking at other social media posts as they determine what discipline the officer will face. 
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