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Genocide in Palestine

32c1e1f419fb4203849737dc8db59c72 18November 2nd, 2015, by Stephen Lendman
Longstanding Israeli policy calls for inflicting maximum pain and suffering on the entire Palestinian population - collective punishment, making conditions unbearable, a shocking indictment of a vicious Arab-hating state, waging war against defenseless people. Since October 1, deaths and injuries increased daily. According to the PA Health Ministry, the toll through Thursday includes:
● 68 Palestinians murdered in cold blood, including 13 children;
● 921 injured from live fire, another 855 from rubber or plastic coated steel bullets at times lethal;
● 208 suffering fractures and other injuries from assaults and beatings;
● 14 burned from tear gas and concussion grenades; and
● well over 5,000 harmed by toxic tear gas inhalation.
On Thursday, Israeli forces stormed Palestine’s Al-Makassed Hospital for the third time this week - this time using tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets inside the premises, turning a medical facility into a war zone.
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