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Haredi Jews to launch ad campaign in Arabic - 'We don't ascend Temple Mount'

ShowImageBy JPOST.COM STAFF \ 11/05/2015
Last month, a Hebrew-language ultra-Orthodox newspaper caused a stir when its deputy editor published an opinion piece in Arabic urging would-be Palestinian terrorists to spare haredim since they have no intention of visiting the Islamic and Jewish holy sites on Temple Mount. Now, an austere, anti-Zionist sect of Hassidic Judaism is taking the notion a number of steps further by reportedly planning a massive public relations campaign in the West Bank, east Jerusalem, and Arab municipalities in Israel proper. According to the Kikar Hashabat news site, the organized Satmar community is raising funds from followers in both Israel and abroad for an extensive blitz on Israeli Arab and Palestinian media, the aim of which is to make clear its opposition to Zionism as well as to highlight the halachic edict banning Jews from visiting the Temple Mount.
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