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AMANA ANSWER TO ADL ‘s July 28, 2010 PRESS RELEASE: "ADL Condemns Organization for Posting Anti-Semitic Video on Website"


Media Contact: Sofian Zakkout, 305-898-9314
AMANA ANSWER TO ADL ‘s July 28, 2010 PRESS RELEASE: "ADL Condemns Organization for Posting Anti-Semitic Video on Website"
Miami, FL; August 1, 2010 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
AMANA, the American Muslim Association of North America, is very disturbed by the press release was made by an organization who call themselves a tolerant organization.
When AMANA posted on its website the video of David Duke: “No War for Israel in Iran - Keep Americans Safe” did not have any intention to bring or to promote anti Semitism we are anti wars period! We at AMANA have vast records in the past in articles, pictures and videos showing our stand against promotion of hate or anti-Semitism; since many Muslims and AMANA director himself has Semite origins.
After AMANA posted the video we got advice from associates such as Mr. Jack Lieberman, one of the AMANA community advisors and the Co-Chair of (JADA, the Arab Jewish Dialogue Association) that David Duke is an ex KKK and a bigot. Due to the fact of Joe Kaufman’s (a close associate with ADL) posting in his website a copy of AMANA’s website image we decided to change the title of the video to read "Former racist KKK member David Duke making derogatory statements!" We could not take the video down at that time since we wanted all people that Kaufman was inviting to see our posting to clearly see our opinion of it on a clearer manner by reading the new title for the video. After we decided to take the video down we discovered that in the next day Andrew Rosenkranz, ADL’s Florida Director sent a massive emails to all his thousands of contacts condemning AMANA organization and all related to AMANA.
That is not acceptable! This is not the smart and sensible thing an organization like ADL should have done specially after AMANA director personally met Mr. Rosenkranz two weeks before this events in a meeting to establish together joint efforts for any future events being anti-Semitic or against Islam!
Mr. Andrew Rosenkranz of the ADL should of have the courtesy to call AMANA director to address any concerns with AMANA posting the video and we would have proceeded to take it down without hesitation. The proof of my good intention is the communication took place last year with Mr. Robert Tanen of ADL Miami Region Director when he brought to my attention about a link used to be at AMANA website asked me to take the organization of a Orthodox Rabbis’s ( ) from AMANA website and we did not reject his offer after he explained that was a Jewish Group that promoted anti Semitism. We found this a way to foster our relation with ADL. Unfortunately Mr. Andrew Rosenkranz was not wise and he decided to go public and condemn not our act but rather all of us in AMANA and this was not nice nor professional. His actions clearly were meant to bring hate between Jews and Muslims; something which we have historically tried to avoid in the past especially after the war on Gaza and will always strive to avoid in the future as well.
AMANA could go back and post the video within seconds and to keep it forever and that is our legal and constitutionally protected freedom of speech right. However, we will not post this video after I learned that will hurt our fellow Jews in America and might raise hatred anti-Jew feelings. It was shameful and stupid from ADL to go public condemning a major national Islamic organization without responsible verification.
Also in this release we do condemn strongly the organization ADL in general for its support of the Bigots against of the construction of the Mosque in New York:
We demand that ADL remove the hateful press release from its site, and we demand ADL to leach Mr. Joe Kaufman from attacking Muslims and ADL must apologize for the damage done intentionally against Muslims !

Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout
Director and Counselor of AMANA,
The American Muslim Association of North America and
The Co-Chair of JADA, Jewish Arab Dialogue Association.
AMANA, The American Muslim Association of North America

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